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  27 Jan

Waltham Clinical Research Transportation Program


Translational Research Program Funding Opportunities

  1 Oct

Clinical research support now available in Waltham


16 Sep

FY20 - Experimental therapeutic Unit - Chargemaster


16 Sep

FY20 - Relief Fund initiative  

In FY18, the ICCTR began providing limited financial support in the form of Relief Funds to help mitigate the substantial unanticipated financial impact of the FY18 Chargemaster increase on Investigators’ studies. Learn more.


16 Sep

BARD Center welcomes two new faculty members

15 Aug

Office of Research Regulatory Support, Education & Quality

12 Aug

Funding opportunity: Clinical Trials Consortiums in Pediatrics 


12 Aug

Lab processing fee

For the past several years, the Experimental Therapeutic Unit (ETU) has been providing lab processing free of charge for ETU studies. Effective Oct. 1, 2019, the ICCTR will begin charging all new industry-sponsored studies a lab processing fee if those services are needed. This fee, will help offset some of the ETU lab personnel and equipment costs. Learn more.


31 May

No Show/Cancellation Policy


21 May

Experimental Therapeutic Unit Protocol Review Fees  

For the past several years, the ETU has been charging a protocol review/implementation fee for all industry-sponsored studies conducted in the ETU. Due to increasing operating costs and to be better aligned with industry standards, the protocol review/implementation fee will increase effective Oct. 1, 2019. Learn more.