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Claritas Genomics

Claritas Genomics is a genetic diagnostic laboratory that spun off from Boston Children's Hospital's Genetic Diagnostic Lab, a CLIA-certified center offering more than 100 genetic tests. In early 2013, we announced a partnership with Life Technologies Corporation to launch Claritas as a stand-alone entity to accelerate the development of next-generation genetic and genomics-based diagnostic testing solutions.

Led by CEO Patrick Milos, PhD, Claritas combines advanced instrumentation, software and bioinformatics capabilities with sophisticated clinical interpretation of test results and consultation by specialist physicians and medical genomics experts at Boston Children's. Boston Children's is a majority owner of Claritas, and the company remains a close partner of the hospital, supporting our efforts to integrate genomics into patient care through high-quality testing.

We have already invested significantly to accelerate genomic discovery for patients with rare diseases, cancer and autism, and to profile individual responses to medications. Through Claritas, we're able to scale up its discoveries and take them to the bedside of patients all over the world.

Claritas is also partnering with Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Cerner Corporation, beginning the formation of a genomic network of pediatric hospitals.

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