Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic

What is the Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic?

The Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic within the Boston Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Center is a daily clinic dedicated to seeing children and adolescents with injuries and musculoskeletal (bone, muscle and soft tissue) problems not serious enough for the Emergency Department yet require prompt evaluation and care.

One of the biggest advantages of coming to our Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic is convenience. With a physician referral, patients can be treated by world-class pediatric orthopedic specialists in Boston, Peabody, Waltham or Weymouth. The other advantage is cost. Insurance co-pays for urgent-care visits are more affordable than emergency room fees.

Although not a walk-in clinic, the Clinic offers many of the benefits of one along with specialized care. Patients are often seen on the day they get hurt or during the same week, depending on the seriousness of the injury.

What types of conditions are treated by the Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic?

The Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic sees more than 12,000 patients every year for orthopedic injuries ranging from fractures to sprains to an unexplained limp or joint pain not serious enough to need emergency room care.

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Expanded care in Waltham now includes evening hours until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, complementing our regular Monday through Friday care.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 617-355-6021.