Boston Children's at Brookline Place | Project Schedule

The project schedule below provides information for significant upcoming work for Boston Children’s at Brookline Place. This schedule is updated regularly.

Brookline Place Redevelopment Project

Look Ahead Schedule

October 5, 2018

Current Phase – 3: Construction of 2 Brookline Place (2BP) and 1 Brookline Place (1BP) addition


Upcoming Activities

Weekend Work – October 13:

1 BP

  • Window install
  • Brick demolition

2 BP

  • Spray Fireproofing

Tuesday 10/9 Friday 10/12 (Monday is a union holiday)

Site Preparations / Sitework:

  • Site preparation work will be ongoing including soil excavation, prep and backfill operations
  • Small crane on site for window installation at 1 BP
  • Materials hoist is operational at 2BP
  • Temporary loading dock being constructed at 2BP
  • Deliveries ongoing by all trades through gates 1 and 3

Building Utilities / Building Interior:

  • Mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, and plumbing trades working on Levels 2-7 at 1BP
  • Painter at 1BP
  • Moisture mitigation continues at 1BP
  • Fire stopping and expansion joint work at 1BP
  • Under slab building utilities for 2BP
  • Spray fire proofing beams and columns at 2BP

Steel / Floor Construction / Stairs:

  • Marr to continue fastening metal deck, welding, and detail work at 2BP
  • MEP rough at 2BP
  • Concrete pours at 2BP slab on deck continue
  • Stairs being installed at 2BP
  • Steel roof dunnage to be installed at 2BP
  • Steel at North canopy to be installed at BP


  • Sheet waterproofing at 1BP
  • Metal stud walls and building sheathing being constructed at 1BP
  • Temporary roofing and parapet sheathing at 1BP
  • Window installation at 1 BP
  • Scaffold to be constructed for brick install at 1BP

Future Activities

October - November:

Site Preparations:

  • Soils excavation backfill operations, soil stock piling and soils export, will be an ongoing activity

Building Interior / Utilities:

  • Slab on grade to be poured at the end of October
  • In-wall rough at 1BP
  • Spray fireproofing at 2BP
  • Moisture mitigation at 2BP
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler rough in 1BP and 2BP
  • Interior metal stud walls to be constructed at 1BP and 2BP
  • Equipment being hoisted into building at 1BP and 2BP

Steel Erection/Floor Construction/ Metal Stairs:

  • Decking and detail to continue at 2BP
  • Concrete floors to continue through October at 2BP
  • Metal stairs to continue for 2BP


  • Metal wall and parapet framing to continue at 1BP
  • Sheathing work to continue at 1BP
  • Waterproofing work at 1BP
  • Punched windows installation at 1BP
  • Brick veneer install at 1BP
  • Roof installations at 1BP and 2BP

More information about Boston Children’s at Brookline Place can be found at, and photos from the site can be found here.

The Brookline Place project team mailing address is: One Brookline Place, Suite 521, Brookline, MA 02445.